Our Philosophy

Home Cooking Style, NO MSG and Open Kitchen

We serve vibrant traditional Vietnamese street food in a modern setting, elegant fare, with a contemporary flair and no MSG!

Bloom’s menu offers a vast confection of styles, taste and ingredients. Ethnic dishes are prepared not only with great cooking traditions, but also with strong emphasis on healthy and light cooking techniques - employing only fresh and natural ingredients.

Choose from our selections of thoughtfully designed rice paper rolls or perhaps indulge in our selections of slowly simmered stews made with just the right blend of spices and choicest cut of meats.

Served to you in a variety of small plates, eating at the BLOOM Saigon is conducive to sharing and laughing with friends and family.

Call it "family style" or just old fashion fun. One thing's for certain, once you've dined the BLOOM Saigon way, you'll call it heaven or better yet, home.