BLOOM Vocational Training Program

BLOOM means "Because Love Overcomes One's Misfortune"

Inspired by the concept that emphasizes empowerment through providing accessible health care, nutrition, education, and hands-on experience - Aid for Children Without Parents (ACWP- first developed BLOOM, a vocational training restaurant in Hue to complete the cycle of empowerment for the disadvantaged children in Vietnam.  Our vision has now expanded to the beautiful city of Saigon, where we opened a restaurant, Bloom Saigon, that continues our mission to provide a culinary training facility for these young individuals to learn and grow. The experience at this restaurant will provide the disadvantaged young adults with practical tools and materials to learn specific skills that will enable them to  market themselves in the real working world, as well as seek out ways to help prevent children from being trafficked.

“We’re very excited about BLOOM Saigon Restaurant and ACWP-Vocational Training Facility in SAIGON, and invite the ACWP family and international community to try our new training restaurant when you are in SAIGON /HCM,” said Benjamin Lee, ACWP’s Chairman.  “Bloom Restaurant will make its debut as the second ACWP training restaurant which we hope will be our signature training program throughout other cities in Vietnam.  Our plan for the new training restaurant is to create a supportive, professional, and fast-paced learning environment, while providing scholarships for disadvantaged youth and teaching opportunities for graduates.”  Upon completion from ACWP’s culinary arts program, we hope to place graduates in three or four-star hospitality-related facilities. This training restaurant will provide many opportunities for these disadvantaged young adults to break the cycle of poverty, earn marketable skills, and be self-reliant. BLOOM SAIGON Vocational Training Facility is a dream that came true for ACWP’s constituents – thank you for believing .”


Missions and Goals

Provide Serviceable & Employable Skills
Promote Personal Growth
Promote Teamwork
Become a Self-Sustained Program

BLOOM Vocational Training Program is

projected to open in Spring of 2016  (March 2015)

First Class Enrollment for 2015: 10– 15 Trainees

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Bloom Hue or Bloom Catering USA.