Our Story: Our BLOOM pastry chef currently establishes his own BLOOM CAKES business while continuing to train new pastry students

 Toan, an orphan and ACWP-Bloom Vocational Scholarship recipient, attended classes at Hoa Sua, specializing in Pastries.  All the students could relate to him because of his hardships as he lamented of the long classes, short breaks, and lack of free time to have fun with elective courses during his training at Hoa Sua. The hard work paid off and Toan loves and appreciates the opportunities that Hoa Sua Hospitality Training School offered him. He overcame hardships and challenges at a young age, and it is easy to be inspired when he discusses his dreams for the  future. The glow in his face shows an unspeakable hope that could only mean future success.

Toan graduated from Hoa Sua Training School in May 2008 and since then has worked as Pastry Chef at BLOOM Restaurant in Hue, the 1st ACWP training restaurant.  ACWP hopes it will represent ACWP signature training programs throughout Vietnam.  

 Now with an ACWP micro loan, he has currently established his own BLOOM CAKES business while continuing to train new pastry students.  Toan’s success represents the hope and dreams of future generations and shows them that it is possible to overcome challenges, hardships, and change the course of your life. 

Check the link to see his BLOOM Cake  in action: